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(no subject) [Wednesday, 30th Apr 08|7:17PM]
Haha so I'm back at killthoverdrive. Sorry pplz I tried but I couldn't help it. I've added almost everyone back so to make things easier for all of you, click here to add me back. I'm gonna leave this account as it is so you won't have to delete it.

I don't mind if you don't mind 'cause I don't shine if you don't shine [Tuesday, 29th Apr 08|7:11PM]
[♥♥♥ |happyhappy]
[♫♪♫ |John Mayer - Say]

I know a lot of people will wanna whack me when I say this, but I kind of like Amaths now. I hope I pass, haha. So far the papers have been manageable, but somehow I'm not confident of scoring for Chemistry. I wanted to hit myself when I found out all the careless mistakes I made. But hey, I spent the first ten minutes 'decorating' my Periodic Table and I managed to learn Metals with the help of a combination of soccer team formations and a little of racism. I deserve a standing ovation for that.

I want to change my account but I think it'll be very troublesome for my friends to add me back. So I'll leave that until after the mid-years. Alright so I got another Friends box-set this week, made me very happy so thank you very much! Monday morning and Tuesday night was basically filled with laughing fits. I forgot when was the last time we made conference calls and just talked rubbish. Haha it was much needed. Oh I found out that my sneeze is highly distractive but I can't control it. Miss Gan is funny ha. No winking at your friends.

And the world has its shine,
I would drop it on a dime for you.

Not long ago
I gave up hope,
But you came along
You gave me something I could hold on to.

I still like this song, hahaha alright bye kiddozzz goodluck for the rest of your papers.

Whoo I am done with Amaths. K except for the stupid log graph part, because such a smartass like me forgot to bring my whole Amaths file home. So I don't have any notes, except the ones I made myself from scratch. They're thick enough to be a guide book, hahaha alright bye.

The wind that blew my heart away [Sunday, 27th Apr 08|8:35PM]
[♥♥♥ |workingworking]
[♫♪♫ |Snow Patrol - How To Be Dead]

I'm taking the easy way out. I'm studying Venice and Conflicts. But till now, there is still confusion on how many themes will we get to choose from. The past two days I studied SS, and today I studied Amaths and surprisingly today was the least stressful. Alright time to get back to SS now, bye. 

Believe me, I'm lying [Friday, 25th Apr 08|4:25PM]
[♥♥♥ |contentcontent]
[♫♪♫ |Mariah Carey - Bye Bye]

And Hansel said to Gretel,

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